Data protection declaration

Updating: 08/2018

This declaration on data protection gives you a view on the processing of your data at International Intimita Fornaciari. It applies to the website, and other services and services offered by International Intimità Fornaciari.

How to read this declaration on data processing: We offer you several ways to read this declaration on data processing. In this section, first of all, you will find some basic information. Subsequently we have divided the present declaration on the treatment of data in chapters according to the themes that are interesting for you.

Where possible we have given up references in the text. This way you receive the information completely in any chapter you find. This means that if you read the declaration on data processing from beginning to end, there will be repeating steps. We could not avoid all the references in the text.

For which offers and services, this declaration on data processing applies: The type and methods of data processing carried out by International Intimità Fornaciari are similar for most of our offers. So this declaration on data processing applies to all the services we offer our customers in Europe. For the sake of simplicity in these “normal cases” we use the term “services”.

But there are also services, for which we treat your data in another way or for other purposes. This may depend on the type of service or requirements depending on the country. When we refer to these cases (hence “derogations from the normal case”) we talk about “service specific” or “country specific”.

What do you know with this declaration on data processing:

  • Which data are stored by International Intimità Fornaciari.
  • What we do with this data and what is needed.
  • Which data protection rights and which choices are available.
  • What technologies and data we use to customize and adapt our services and content we use to offer you a safe, simple, uninterrupted and individual shopping experience.
  • What technologies and data we use for advertising, including tracking technologies.

If you have any questions about this declaration on the processing of data or in general about the processing of data at International Intimità Fornaciari, you can contact any time International Intimità Fornaciari Customer Service.

International Intimità Fornaciari offers an online sales service through its website at the link :

The data we process is communicated to us while you use our service, for example when you register for a purchase indicating your name, email address or address etc. However, we also receive technical data on the devices and access that are automatically detected during the interaction with our services. These could refer to the type of appliance you use. We collect further data on the basis of analyzes we carry out (for example in the field of market research or in the evaluation of customers).

If we talk about “data” we refer to personal data. This is information through which we can identify you immediately or by combining it with other information. Examples: Your name, telephone number, customer number, order number or your email address. All information that does not allow us to identify you (not even by combining it with other information) applies to non-personal data. Non-personal data is also referred to as anonymized data. If we combine personal data with anonymized data, all data in this data series are considered as personal data. If we delete the personal data of a data series or information about you, the remaining data in this data series are no longer valid as personal data. This procedure is called anonymization. In principle it is valid: if we ask you to indicate certain personal information, you can of course refuse to do so. You decide what information you want to give us. It is possible, however, that in this way we will not be able to offer the desired services or we will not be able to offer them in the best way. For example, parcels can not be delivered without indicating a delivery address. If only certain data (mandatory data) are required in relation to a service, we will notify you accordingly and mark it appropriately.

1.1 Profile data

Profile data are personal and demographic data about you (so-called base data) and your individual interests that you notify us when registering your customer account. Profile data include, for example:

  • your name and surname;
  • your contact details;
  • demographic data such as gender, age and place of residence.

The mandatory data are usually your name, address and email address, as well as the password you have chosen. Your email address and password will be your login credentials.


If you are connected via your customer account you can view, and in most cases also directly modify, your data, for example to update the address following a move.

1.2 Contact details

If you contact us, we will find your contact details. Depending on how you have contacted us (eg by phone or by email) your contact details may consist of your name, postal address, telephone numbers, email addresses, details of your profiles in social media (for example we receive the your Facebook ID, if you contact us via Facebook), usernames and similar contact details.

1.3 Purchase data

If you order something from International Intimità Fornaciari we will show your purchase details. The purchase data can, depending on the type of sale and treatment status, include the following information:

  • order number;
  • details on the purchased goods (definition, size, color, purchase price, etc.);
  • data on the means of payment;
  • supply and billing addresses;
  • communications and messages relating to purchases (eg declarations of withdrawal, complaints and communications to customer service);
  • supply and payment status, for ex. “Completed” or “Shipped”;
  • return status, for ex. “Successfully completed”;
  • data on the third party service providers involved in the execution of the contract (in this case it is an online sale that could be the shipping number of the courier service).


In your reserved “customer profile” area of your customer account, you can view your relevant purchase data at any time.

1.4 Payment details

We offer you the common means of payment in online commerce. In particular, payment by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal and Stripe service. 

For the execution of the payment by credit card we do not find the payment data as this process is carried out externally directly on the platform of the selected service, for ex. PayPal.

Payment details can be, for example:

  • preferred payment method;
  • billing addresses;
  • IBAN and BIC that is an account number and a bank code.

Additional data in immediate relation to the payment process are also part of the payment data. This invests, for example, data that external service providers use for identification, such as your PayPal identifier (if paid via PayPal).

1.5 Interest data

During your interaction with our services data arise that allow us to know the contents, themes, products, product ranges, brands or styles you are interested in. For example, from the purchase data, from the content of the wish list, and through comparisons with other users with similar characteristics we can derive the styles and product categories you are interested in. Thus, we can send you communications relevant to your tastes.

In addition, for this purpose, we obtain data and statistics on demographic data (age, gender, region), devices and access data, as well as on the interests of our users. We pay attention to that our advertising partners transmit only aggregated, encrypted or anonymized data for Intimità Fornaciari, so that we can not combine data to a particular person, in particular to a user name. This information can help us to better understand our users, for example in the analysis of the customer structure and in the segmentation of users.

Find more information on the processing of your data for advertising purposes under “How International Intimità Fornaciari uses my data for advertising?”.

1.6 Communications, contents of interviews

If you communicate with us or with other users by telephone, by post, via social media services, contact forms or otherwise on our products (for ex. product evaluations) or other topics, we will note the content of your communications.

If you transmit communications to other users through the spaces set up for this purpose (for ex. product evaluations), these may be published by us in the context of our services.

For communication with customers and users Intimità Fornaciari also uses social network offers such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We use these communication platforms to offer, in addition to our communication channels, further contact and information possibilities. Please bear in mind, however, that we have no possibility to intervene on the conditions of use of social networks and the services they offer and that we have a limited influence on their data processing. We therefore ask you to carefully check which personal data you transmit to us via social networks. We have no possibility of influencing the behavior of the managers of social networks, other users or third parties who may collaborate with the managers of social networks or who use their services.

1.7 Data from social networks

Eventually in the services of Intimità Fornaciari are integrated social network functions. These could be messaging services and so-called social plug-ins or social login such as “Register via Facebook”. If you activate or use these services and you are a member of the respective social network we receive data from the respective managers through which you can eventually be identified. 

Normally we receive the following data from social networks:

  • your public profile data stored on the social network (for ex. name, profile);
  • data on the type of device used by you;
  • the ID of the profile at the respective social network (for ex. Facebook ID).

Moreover, without your consent, we do not receive any data allowing your identification or contacting you by social network managers.

In relation to advertising via social networks as a rule we receive only information related to the interest and general demographic data for the effectiveness of our ads. For example, a man living in Berlin, aged between 25 and 34 years, with interests in clothing and purchases, clicked on a specific announcement of ours. These data and ratings come from the respective manager of the social network.

For more information see the provisions for the use and notices on data protection of the respective operator.

Please also take into account notices on the processing of social network data in relation to functions with social networks under “Information on websites and apps”.

Currently International Intimità Fornaciari employs the Facebook messaging service and social plug-in / login of the following social networks:

  • Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). Here is the link to the declaration on the processing of data on Facebook: Facebook data protection notices.
  • Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA (“Twitter”). Here is the link to the declaration on the processing of data on Twitter: Twitter data protection notices.
  • Pinterest Inc., 635 High Street, Palo Alto, CA, USA (“Pinterest“). Here is the link to the declaration on the processing of data on Pinterest: Pinterest data protection notices.

1.8 Data for actions and opinion surveys

If you take part in an offer from International Intimità Fornaciari (for ex. a prize game) or an opinion survey (for ex. customer satisfaction surveys in the field of market research), please indicate data about your person.

For example, in a game of prizes we usually ask for your name and your email address, to be able to contact you in case of a win and to ensure that each participant can take part only once in the prize game.

In some actions and investigations we can also ask for further data. This may be the case if we do an action in collaboration with a partner and the partner needs information about you in order to make the winnings available to you. In such cases we always inform you separately about the data requested and their use with us.

1.9 Device and access data

During the use of online and mobile services, it is unavoidable that technical data are created and that they are processed in order to make the functions available and display the contents offered on your device. We define this category of data “device and access data”. Device and access data are formed during each use of an online and mobile service. Device and access data are formed during the use of:

  • website;
  • app;
  • newsletter email (that is when your newsletter interaction is detected).

International Intimità Fornaciari records, on the one hand, appliance and access data for online and mobile services, offered by International Intimità Fornaciari itself (for ex. Fornaciari shop). Furthermore, International Intimità Fornaciari can collect device data and access online and mobile services offered by other companies, if they are International Intimità Fornaciari partners or if they take part in the same online advertising networks (for example, the “Google advertising network”). Find more information under “How International Intimità Fornaciari uses my data for advertising?”.

The device and access data include the following categories:

  • general information about the device, such as device type data, operating system version, configuration settings (for ex. language setting, system permissions), internet connection settings (for ex. name of the device) mobile phone network, connection speed) and on the apps used (for ex. name and version of the app)
  • identification data (ID), such as session IDs, cookie-IDs, unique unit serial numbers (for ex. Google’s advertising ID, Apple Ad-ID), ID of third-party account accounts (as far as you use social plug-in or social-login or payment via PayPal) and other common internet technologies, in order to recognize your web browser, your device or a certain app installation.
  • access data that app and web browser transmit automatically to every online access on web servers and databases (within the so-called HTTP-request). This is standardized information about the required contents (for ex. names and file types of a recalled file) as well as additional information on access to the server (such as transmitted data quantity and error codes), on your device (such as device type, operating system, software versions, device identification, IP address, previous page visited and access time).

International Intimità Fornaciari treats your data in compliance with all applicable data protection laws. In doing so, we are naturally adhering to the principles of data protection law for the processing of personal data. Therefore we will process your data only for the purposes explained in this declaration on data processing and declared at the time of their detection. These are at the forefront of the purchase and provision, customization and development as well as the security of our service. In addition to this, we use your data as part of the strict EU data protection law but also for other purposes, such as market research for the optimization of business processes, the appropriate approach to the need of our services as well as personalized advertising.

In this chapter we inform you on what legal (legal) basis we process data for the individual purposes. Depending on the legal basis on which we process your data, in addition to your data protection rights, such as the right to information – specific data protection rights may arise. For example, in certain cases, you have the right to object to the processing of your data. Find more information under “What data protection rights do I have?”

2.1 Development of the purchase and provision of online services, and customized

We process your data respectively in the scope necessary for the fulfillment of the contract and for the provision and execution of additional services requested by you, as described in the declaration on data processing. The purposes of the data processing respectively necessary are therefore oriented to the purpose of the contract with you respectively (including our General Terms and Conditions of Business and, possibly our general terms and conditions of negotiation and use of the service) or to the services requested by you. The main purposes are:

  • making available, customizing and setting according to the needs of our services, such as Fornaciari Shop;
  • execution of customer programs such as for ex. Fornaciari Outlet Card;
  • execution of purchase contracts and customer service including the carrying out of the shipment and payment, credit management and management of returns, claims and warranty cases;
  • the provision of news, notices, newsletters and other means of direct communication, although they are an integral component of our contractual services or services requested by you.


In the Fornaciari Shop you can let you know about the availability of sold-out items and now available again.

If you take part in our online shopping club Fornaciari News, you will regularly receive our Newsletter Fornaciari with information on special offers in progress.

  • the guarantee of general security, of the functioning of the system and of the stability of our services including defense against attacks.
  • issuing, collecting, supplying Fornaciari purchase vouchers.
  • the execution of games with prizes and actions.

2.2 Shopping customization

We treat your data in order to provide useful and comfortable services that best meet your needs and interests. Since the offer of the Fornaciari Shop includes thousands of products and multiple brands, it is necessary that we present the contents and products in a manner appropriate to the needs, so that you can find the products that actually interest you.

For the personalization of shopping in Fornaciari we use data of equipment and access that we find for the analysis of fruition. In addition we also use equipment and access data that we receive from partners, while you visit the Fornaciari Shop.

2.3 Data security risk prevention

To prevent the risk of data security breaches, our customer data is only transmitted in encrypted form. For this purpose we use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption system. Thanks to encryption, the data are not legible for third parties. Despite this, we too – like other companies – can not guarantee absolute protection.

2.4 Advertising, data analysis

We also use your data in the field of data analysis for advertising purposes. In this we mainly pursue the following objectives:

  • knowledge of different target groups and their respective use habits and their shopping interests;
  • obtaining knowledge on demographics, interests, purchasing habits and use of our users;
  • the timely identification of trends in the relevant fashion and online-shopping sectors;
  • the execution of advertising to customers already in the portfolio;
  • the execution of direct advertising, for example through newsletters;
  • planning, execution and control of the result of advertising that corresponds to the interests of the target groups involved (personalized advertising);
  • knowledge on how our services are used (fruition analysis).

2.5 Because of your consent

In case you have given your consent to the processing of personal data, the legal basis of our treatment is, in the first line, this consent. What data we process based on your consent depends first and foremost on the purpose of your consent. Typical purposes are, for example:

  • newsletter subscription;
  • participation in a survey or market research;

Information on the right of withdrawal

You can revoke data with effect for the future at any time. This can happen, for ex. by email, mail.

Also adapt or revoke the receipt of newsletters and other types of communications. The link is found in every newsletter. In addition, in each newsletter there is a button that allows you to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Find more information under “What data protection rights do I have?”

The development and provision of customized features and services is of great importance to us. Regardless of the place, time and type of device used, we offer you an individual shopping experience. The processing of your personal data for the personalization of our services at Intimità Fornaciari is an integral part of the services.


  • If you are on the road, create a wishlist on the Intimità Fornaciari website, you can open it and edit it later.
  • If you do not have time, you can save the cart with your purchases and review it and modify it at a later time.
  • If you are subscribed to the newsletter, we can present you with products appropriate to your previous orders.

3.1 What are personalized services?

Through personalized services we can offer you better, more practical and safer services. 

3.2 Why do I need a customer account?

Most of our personalized services require the creation of a customer account, to offer you a personal and confidential area.

3.3 What data is stored on my customer account?

We store data on your customer account that we collect on your person.

3.4 What data are used for personalization?

The selection of personalized content is based on all the data stored in your customer account.

3.5 Your choices

In your customer account you can view, at any time, most of the data we have stored in your customer account. If necessary, you can also modify the data in your customer account.

We use your data to make available the website and International Intimità Fornaciari apps.

4.1 What data are detected?

In principle, we collect all the data that you communicate directly to us through our services.


For each user who registers for a customer account or another service, we create a password-protected personal access. If you do not log out after logging in with your login credentials, you will automatically be connected to most of our services. Depending on the type of service for this purpose a cookie or a comparable technology is used. This feature allows you to use a portion of our services even without reconnecting each time. For security reasons you will be asked to re-enter your password if, for example, you want to change your profile data or if you want to send an order. Find more information under “Personalized services”

Social Plug-in

Our services may contain social plug-ins (“plug-ins”) of different social networks. With the help of these plug-ins you can, for example, share content or recommend to other specific products. Plug-ins are normally deactivated and therefore do not transmit data. By clicking on the corresponding button (eg “Activate social media”) you can activate the plug-ins. If the plug-in is activated, your web browser creates a direct connection with the respective social network. The content of the plug-in is transmitted directly from the social network to your web browser and the latter is inserted on our website. With the integration of the plug-in, the social network gets the information you have retrieved from the corresponding page of our website and can detect your device and access data. If you are connected to the social network, this can combine this visit to your account at the respective social network. If you interact with plug-ins, for example if you click the Facebook “like” button or write a comment, the corresponding information is transmitted directly from your browser to the social network and stored there. To inform you about the purpose and extent of data collection and the further use and dissemination of data through social networks, as well as your rights in this regard and the possibilities for setting your privacy, see the notices on the processing of data. data from the respective social networks or websites. Links for this purpose are found further down. Even if you are not connected to social networks, it is possible that websites with activated social plug-ins transmit data to networks. Each time a website is called, a cookie with an ID is inserted via an activated plug-in. Since your browser transmits this cookie without requiring confirmation to every connection with the social network server, the latter could, in principle, fill in a profile of which sites the user associated with that identification has visited. Moreover it would be quite possible that later, perhaps during a subsequent connection with the social network, this identification can be combined with a person.

Social plug-in di Facebook

On our website we use social network plug-ins, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). Here is the link for the declaration on the treatment of Facebook data: Facebook data protection notices.

Social plug-in di Twitter

On our website we use plug-ins from the Twitter social network, which is managed by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA (“Twitter”). Here is the link to the declaration on the processing of Twitter data: Twitter data protection notices.

Social Plug-ins von Pinterest

On our website we use plug-ins from the Pinterest social network, which is managed by Pinterest Inc., 651 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA (“Pinterest”). Here is the link to the declaration on the treatment of Pinterest data: Pinterest data protection notices .

Social Login

Eventually in our services we offer you the possibility to register with us directly with your social network customer account. If you want to take advantage of this function, you will be forwarded to the offer of the respective social network. You will be invited to connect with your credentials. Obviously we do not take cognizance of your credentials. If you are already registered this step is skipped. Then the respective social network informs you, and asks you for confirmation, which data are transmitted to us (eg public profile, friends list, email address and current place of residence). With the data transmitted to us, we create a customer account. Obviously, for example, we do not store your friends’ list. You do not make permanent connection further to that between your client account and your account at the social network. We also receive social network data from the respective social network providers.

Learn more

Find more information under “How International Intimità Fornaciari uses my data for advertising?”

Information about cookies on the website, our website employs cookies. Acceptance of cookies is not a prerequisite for visiting our websites. However, we point out that our websites may have reduced functionality if cookies are not accepted. In the web browser you can set that the storage of cookies occurs only if you consent.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that your browser stores and that store certain settings and data for exchange with our web servers.

In principle, they distinguish two types of cookies: the so-called session cookies, which are deleted as soon as the browser is closed and the permanent / temporary cookies that are stored for a prolonged period. We need this memorization in order to be able to set up websites and our services in a way that is more convenient to you and therefore make it easier to use them, for example by storing certain settings, so that it is not necessary to repeat them every time.

The cookies we use may come from International Intimità Fornaciari or from advertising partners. If you want to accept only International Intimità Fornaciari cookies, but not those of our advertising partners, you can choose a corresponding setting (for ex. “Block third-party cookies” in your browser). Normally the help function in the toolbar of your web browser explains how to reject new cookies and make those already present ineffective. In the case of computers used in common, which are set up to accept cookies and flash cookies, we recommend that you disconnect completely at the end of the use of our websites.

For our services we use three categories of cookies:

  • Cookies required: these cookies are necessary for the optimal navigation and use of the website. For example, with these cookies the shopping cart function is realized. In this way the products remain stored in the cart while you continue with purchases. The necessary cookies also serve to memorize certain settings and typing, which you have made, so that you do not have to repeat them continuously, as well as to adapt the contents of Intimità Fornaciari to your individual interests. Without the necessary cookies the website can not be used or its use is limited.
  • Statistical cookies: these cookies detect device and access data to analyze the use of our websites, for example which sectors are used in what way (so-called navigation behavior), at what speed the contents are loaded and if errors occur. These cookies contain only anonymous or pseudonymous information and are used only to improve our sites and to know what our users are interested in, as well as to measure the effectiveness of our advertising. Statistical cookies can be blocked without affecting navigation or use of the site.
  • Marketing cookies (“Tracking-Cookie”): these cookies contain identifiers and collect device and access data to adapt the personalized advertising on the International Intimità Fornaciari website to your individual interests. Our advertising partners, who manage online advertising networks, also collect device and access data on our websites. In this way, we can display personalized advertising tailored to your interests on other websites or apps of other providers (so-called retargeting). Marketing cookies can be blocked without affecting navigation or use of the site.

We offer you various newsletter services. We also note device and access data during the use of our newsletter.

5.1 How do I register?

The sending of our newsletter with registration requirement (like the newsletter of the Fornaciari Shop) employs the so-called double opt-in procedure. That is to say that we send you a newsletter only after you have expressly authorized us to activate the newsletter service. The double opt-in procedure requires you to also confirm the email address you provided. To this end we send you a confirmation email with which we ask you to confirm, by clicking on a link in the email, that you are the owner of the email address you have communicated to us.

5.2 Cancellation

If you do not want to receive our newsletter later, you can oppose it at any time without causing any problems. To this end, a textual communication (via e-mail) to the Intimità Fornaciari company responsible for the newsletter is sufficient. Naturally, each newsletter edition also contains a cancellation link.

Cancel the Fornaciari Shop newsletter

If you want to cancel the Fornaciari Shop newsletter, you can conveniently disable the service by clicking the “cancellation” link in each newsletter email.

5.3 What data are detected?

If you register for the newsletter, we automatically store your IP address and the date and time of registration and confirm. In this way we can show that you have actually registered and possibly identify an unauthorized use of your email address.

We detect the appliance and access data that is formed during your interaction with a newsletter. For this evaluation, the newsletters contain links to image files that are stored on our server. If you open the newsletter, your email program downloads these images from our web server. We detect the device and access data that they form in this process in a pseudonymised form and under a randomly generated customer number (newsletter ID), which we do not use for your identification without your consent. So we can rebuild if you have opened the newsletter and which newsletter numbers you have opened. The links contained in the newsletter contain your newsletter ID, so that we can detect what content you are interested in. With the data obtained, we fill in a user profile related to your newsletter ID, which allows us to customize the contents of the newsletters based on your interests and usage habits and to statistically analyze the use our users make of our newsletter.

You can object to the analysis of the newsletter at any time by deactivating the respective newsletter service. Naturally, every newsletter edition also contains a link to cancel it. Find more information under “What data protection rights do I have?”

Alternatively, you can also deactivate the display of images in your email program. However, in this case the newsletter can not be viewed in full.

In relation to our services we present information and offers of International Intimità Fornaciari based on your interests. You will receive these product proposals even if you are not a subscriber to the newsletter. For the selection of product proposals we use, in compliance with the provisions of the law in force, mainly your previous purchase data.

If you no longer wish to receive product proposals from us, you can deactivate this service at any time:

  • If you no longer wish to receive product proposals from us, you can opt out at any time in an informal way, without any problem. In the emails sent naturally there is a “unsubscribe” link to disable the service.

We use the data communicated in the context of an order of International Intimità Fornaciari coupons for the verification and fulfillment of the order as well as for the shipment and collection of the voucher.

For this purpose, we also store the following data:

  • date of issue
  • value of the voucher
  • voucher code
  • name of the voucher holder (in personal coupons)
  • date/time redemption of the voucher
  • name of the collector

We and our advertising partners use your data for personalized advertising that is shown to you in the International Intimità Fornaciari Services and on websites and apps of other bidders. For this purpose, we and our advertising partners use common internet technologies on the market. In this way we can advertise more accurately and present you as much as possible only relevant advertisements and offers. This allows us to better respond to the needs of personalization and discovery of new products of our users as well as to interest them in the long term to our services through a personal shopping experience.

8.1 Formats and advertising channels

The advertising formats used by International Intimità Fornaciari and by International Intimità Fornaciari’s advertising partners include advertisements in social networks (eg Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Video Ads) and advertising space managed by online advertising networks used by Intimità Fornaciari, such as for example, AdWords by Google.

8.2 Information we use for defining target groups

For the definition of target groups we use our own knowledge derived from the analysis of fruition and purchasing behavior of our customers and users, as well as from our market research for market segmentation, which we apply to user data collected by International Intimità Fornaciari. In this we take into account, in particular, aggregated or anonymised purchase data, search paths, data of interest and demographic profile data as well as device and access data.


A target group could be: “Women between 25 and 35 years, sensitive to the beachwear that are interested in swimwear and in recent years have ordered a SièLei product”.

Our advertising partners also have the opportunity to make available their own data for the segmentation of users, detected by themselves. The advertising partners must undertake to transmit only aggregated, encrypted or anonymized data for Intimità Fornaciari, so that we can not combine data to a specific person, in particular to a particular user of the Fornaciari Shop. For some target groups, the definition of the target group is based on user browsing behavior data. This happens when advertising must be shown only to those users who have recently visited a particular page of the website or who have searched for certain contents.

8.3 on advertising surfaces managed by online advertising networks (retargeting)

Advertising partners managing online advertising networks may use cookies and similar pseudonymised detection technologies of your use behavior in the Fornaciari Shop, on the International Intimità Fornaciari website on the basis of device and access data. These advertising partners use this collected data to recognize the likelihood of your membership in the target group and take this into account when selecting advertisements through advertising surfaces managed by online advertising networks. This standard internet technology is called retargeting. The retargeting allows the insertion of advertising that is relevant to you and the measurement of the effectiveness and the scope of the advertising medium, but also the control of the computations of our advertising partners for advertising campaigns put in place.

Get more information from the managers of the respective advertising surfaces and online advertising networks in charge of their management.

Also take into account the fact that the data used for retargeting are also necessary for other purposes (including the provision of our services). The detection of data used for this purpose, therefore, does not cease with deactivation. The advertising that will be presented to you will no longer be personalized.

International Intimità Fornaciari submits data only if this is allowed by the law on the protection of Community data. We operate in collaboration with logistics companies (for ex. couriers such as DHL). In principle, these companies are allowed to process your data only under certain conditions and on our behalf. As we employ these companies as treatment companies on behalf of the service, the service companies receive the authorization to access your data only for the scope and for the period necessary for the provision of the respective service. If you purchase from International Intimità Fornaciari, we send your purchase details to the partner Fornaciari (for ex. your name and delivery address), so that the Fornaciari partner can deliver the ordered goods to you.

9.1 Shipping companies

For the delivery of orders we work with external service companies (for ex. DHL). These delivery companies receive the following data from us for the execution of their respective duties:

  • your name;
  • delivery address;
  • possibly your email address (if the courier wants to inform you by email of the time and the expected delivery date).

To the respective legal prerequisites you have the following legal rights of data protection: right of disclosure (Article 15 GDPR), right of cancellation (Article 17 GDPR), right of correction (Article 16 GDPR), right of limitation of dissemination (Article 18 GDPR ), the right to the transferability of data (Article 20 of the GDPR), the right of appeal to a public data protection agency (Article 77 GDPR), right of consent revocation (Article 7 paragraph 3 GDPR) as well as the right to object against certain data dissemination measures (Article 21 of the GDPR). Contact details for your instances can be found under “Contact Persons”.

Important notices:

  • To ensure that your information is not passed on to third parties in the case of requests for information, please attach a suitable proof of your identity to your request and send it by post or email.


Normally it is sufficient for you to send us your application using the email address deposited in your customer account.

  • You can change most of the data contained in the customer account yourself. In other cases, please contact the customer service department.

We store your personal data as long as they are necessary for the purposes of this declaration on the processing of data, in particular for the fulfillment of our legal and contractual obligations. If necessary, we will store your personal data for other purposes, if and as long as the law allows us to further store it for certain purposes, including defense against legal requests.

If you close your customer account, all data stored on you is deleted. If the complete deletion of your data is not permitted or required by law, the data are blocked for further processing.

What does blocking mean?

If data is blocked, it is ensured by restricting access rights and other technical and organizational measures that only a few employees can access the data in question. These employees are authorized to use the data only for predetermined purposes (eg in the case of a tax audit for submission to the tax administration).

The blocking is exemplary in the following cases:

  • Your ordering and payment data and possibly other data are subject to various legal obligations of conservation, which may be those of the commercial code (Italian) or in the provisions on taxes (in Italy). The law obliges us to keep data for fiscal checks and economic controls for a period of ten years. We can permanently delete the data in question only when this term has expired.
  • Even if your data are not subject to a conservation obligation, we can, in the cases allowed by law, derogate from an immediate cancellation and prepare, instead, at first a blockage. This applies in particular to cases where we may need the data in question for further execution of the contract or for legal prosecution or legal defense (for ex. in the case of complaints). The decisive criterion for the duration of the blocking is then the statute of limitations. After expiry of the relevant limitation period, the data are permanently deleted.

In the cases provided for by the law, we may derogate from the cancellation, as long as it is anonymised or pseudonymised data and the deletion makes it impossible or would seriously affect the processing for scientific research purposes or for statistical purposes.

With us your personal data is transmitted securely via encryption. This also applies to your order and customer login. For this purpose we use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption system. We also protect our web pages and other systems by means of technical measures against loss, destruction, access, tampering or disclosure of your data by unauthorized persons.

During the development of our websites and apps and the implementation of new technologies to improve our services for you, changes to these data protection notices may be necessary. Therefore we recommend that you read this statement on data processing from time to time.

If you have any questions, you can contact our data protection officers at any time. The easiest way to make contact is:

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